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Hello :)

How did got started?
It was essentially by mistake.
We were casting girls for another project. We wanted them inexperienced, young, and hot. And we wanted them for a very soft lingerie shoot.

And then what?
Most of them, showing up for the lingerie shoot, had their pussy spread for the camera in less than half an hour. They were usually quite interested in getting fucked too. We put it on camera, and the material started to build up, so we opened a site.

What’s the thing with the bananas?
That was originally related to the other project we had. We thought that bananas are cool and yellow, and teenagers like them. So we went on calling the site – which is, if you ask me, a really cool name.

Do girls have fun getting a banana inside their pussy?
I assume they do. When they get a cock, usually leave the shoot even happier. This is documented in our videos :-)

I have more questions!
Just ask then! I am always happy to hear them, and respond :) drop a mail to:



  1. Mario's Gravatar Mario
    May 7, 2012    

    I saw you recorderd a footjob video with a girl named Vendula. Do you have any other?

    • Bananadmin's Gravatar Bananadmin
      June 2, 2012    

      Have a nice day Mario, do you mean other video with Vendula or other footjob video?

  2. brazuca's Gravatar brazuca
    May 10, 2012    

    Hi I sign up for your site because I liked the videos on the preview, but the videos I see on the members area are not like the once on the preview. Where can I find those videos, (Tereza, 18- Karolina, 18- Eva, 18- Eliska, 18- Radka, 19)

    • Bananadmin's Gravatar Bananadmin
      June 2, 2012    

      Hello brazuca, all videos exept Eliska are posted. Eliska will be posted soon as well. ;)

  3. betolalo's Gravatar betolalo
    September 9, 2012    

    no eliska’s previews??

    • Bananadmin's Gravatar Bananadmin
      September 12, 2012    

      Eliska is in the main preview video

  4. Batman's Gravatar Batman
    February 21, 2013    

    Hi guys, whats the name of the song at the begining and end of the videos? thx and have nice day

    • Bananadmin's Gravatar Bananadmin
      March 20, 2013    

      The name of the song is “Elles” released by the Music Komite

  5. fritz's Gravatar fritz
    March 18, 2013    

    What music did you use for your intro and outro?

    • Bananadmin's Gravatar Bananadmin
      March 20, 2013    

      The name of the song is “elles” released by the Music Komite

  6. brunico's Gravatar brunico
    March 26, 2013    

    Dear bananadmin (funny!), did you get some extra materials of a casting with a girl called Kamila (I am sure you know who is this girl)?

    • Bananadmin's Gravatar Bananadmin
      April 12, 2013    

      Hi Brunico,
      I don’t remember any Kamila to be honest… can you send me a link to her via email?

  7. Tronin's Gravatar Tronin
    December 9, 2013    

    Dear Bananadmin :)

    I like this site!!! Its very good and full of real amateur girls :P

    But i have request, its the girl called “radka mou” who cames with her father!
    She is very very very beautiful, have you more materials (vids,pics ) of her?
    Or can you invite her again?

    Thanks :D

  8. alarbi's Gravatar alarbi
    March 2, 2014    

    thank you for 3 last video,
    please more without condom, and create new creampie.

    soo thank you.

  9. ray's Gravatar ray
    March 25, 2014    

    Vendula is a very hot girl did you get her to do any hardcore action ie cock in pussy?
    if so are putting this up soon

  10. Abhay's Gravatar Abhay
    March 26, 2014    

    Hi Admin,
    Do u have any other videos/pics of kristyna ( Small accident while photoshooting). She is so hott..
    Where can the photosets of the casting be found. Pls share some links..

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